Monday, January 08, 2007


My monitor is still screwed up, so I can't tell anything about the color of these pictures. I hope they are pretty accurate.

So first, the promised pictures of the iPod Cozy. I finished the i-cord on the way up to Roc Day at Beaumont Ranch, which, by the way was a BLAST. I met so many new spinners, got to try spinning some llama, met a lady who's going to sell me an angora bunny, and brought home some simply gorgeous bamboo for this year's Fiber Challenge. We're supposed to take the bamboo and turn it into something "in the style of the Orient" and bring it with us next year.

Anyway, here's the cozy.

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Peeping out

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Second up, here's some more of that Lorna's Laces handpainted top that I spun some more of. I plied it at Roc Day with the help of the wonderful BJ.

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This I plied up last night. This is spun from the roving that my darling secret pal sent. It is sooooooooooo soft and drapey and just awesome. She picks out good roving for a non-spinner, don't you think?

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The two skeins wanted to go sunbathing. You can see the purple one is quite a bit smaller than the teal one. The purple one is about 85 yards, 13 wraps per inch (DK weight) and the teal is 185 yards, 16 WPI (fingering weight).

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Friday, January 05, 2007

iPod Nano Cozy

My mom got me an iPod Nano for Christmas. Yay mom! I love my Nano. Love. I had a problem, though. I usually wear things that don't have pockets, so I had nowhere to put it while I was cleaning or whatever. So what do I do with things I love? Cover them with knitting, of course.

Vague pattern-ish thingy:

Yarn: Artyarns Regal Silk - 100% silk (This is just what I used. For subs, ball band says 5 stiches per inch on size 7s, but personally I think they lie. It looks more like a DK to me than a light worsted), a very small amount.
Size 3 Knitpicks DPNs
Guage: Bwaaaaaaaahahahah! *gasp* BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. (no really. I just eyeballed the whole thing. I'll measure it, I swear.)

Cast on 30 stitches, join in round

Knit one round, purl one round
K1, YO twice, k2tog k13, YO twice, Ktog, knit to end of round
Knit next round knitting only one stitch into the two YO's, dropping the second loop of each YO off the needle after you knit the first one (if that makes any sense)
Work four more rounds in garter stitch
Begin working in stockinette, and work even until tube is long enough to hold your Nano
Place 15 stitches on one needle and 15 stitches on another needle, with working yarn at end of one of those.
To make the bottom flap and a hole for your headphone plug:
Work back and forth in stockinette stitch for 2 rows
On next row, P2, YO twice, P2tog, purl to end of row
Knit next row, treating the YO twice the same as you did before.
Purl next row.
Turn the piece inside out.
Connect with stitches on other needle using 3-needle bind off.

Knit a length of I-cord as long as you want to hang around your neck. Thread each end through the two holes in the garter portion and tie each end in a knot to secure it with the knots on the outside.

Pictures of this later. I'm still doing i-cord. *twitch*

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm behind on blogging, I know. This time of year is CRAAAAAZY with work for me, so I've been pounding the keyboard and not much time for knitting or blogging or anything else. :(

Hopefully this week I'll have more time.

For Christmas knitting I made a pair of socks for my mom, Knitty's Broadripple in pale green, blue, pink and yellow self-striping. She loved them. I didn't get a picture, though. :( I just finished binding off the toe on Christmas morning! Eeek!

I also made a coffee cup cozy from the Knitpicks pattern for my sister, but I haven't felted it yet. I started one for my brother-in-law, but it's not done.