Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bad! Bad blogger!

But I'm a bad blogger with a wonderful Secret Pal!

Yes, ANOTHER post about her awesomeness. It just can't be stated enough. She's great.

Today, I got one last package from her. It was some GORGEOUS roving from Luxe.

Here it is lazing on the front lawn along with some goodies from her last package, which I was a BAD BLOGGER and didn't blog about. I'm so embarrassed. Look, I even knit half a sock with some of it and haven't even blogged about it. I totally suck. But look, I have pretty things!

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Here's some yarn I spun. It's 100% merino, and it is TO. DIE. FOR.
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You want it? You can have it! Just go to and look for the 2007 Make-a-Wish Charity Auction. We're raising money for Make A Wish Foundation, and this yarn along with a book and some rosewood needles is up for auction. 100% of the proceeds go to Make A Wish. Giving! Getting! Yarn! Happy! LOL

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Ben said...

You are insane. I never get any comments, so I decided to post some here. I've never seen a yarner such as yourself. Keep up the good work. Blog on!