Sunday, April 15, 2007

All together now...


Too bad.

Yes, I'm an evil person and I'm going to hell. Whatever.

I'm not sure I buy the official story. If you're having trouble keeping up, why have 300 items for sale on Etsy? Why not cut back instead of closing the store entirely? I think it might have something to do with the fact that "yarnknitter," a user on Etsy that bought ONLY from Mystical Creations, 20 pages of feedback worth, and who always showed up to leave a page or two of feedback after MCY got a negative or neutral, is no longer a registered user. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Again, this is just my opinion.


bookgrump said...

Nah... You're not evil. Just someone with a low tolerance for BS. There *is* a difference.

If anything, I think MCY got to take the easy way out. MCY's ratings were falling like a brick on Etsy. Few people were giving her positive ratings for yarn that was not what the buyer ordered but accepted because it was beautiful anyway. Fewer people were giving her the benefit of the doubt. Now she skates away, free to do damage on eBay and her private shop.

It's really too bad that ratings on an individual don't follow that individual from one site to another. Really, it is.

The Twisted Knitster said...

Ya know, I spent last night looking through ALL of their etsy feedback - there were at least two other accounts that I believe were the same as yarnknitter - I just don't believe someone is going to sign up, place 12 orders in one day, wait three days and place 15 more, then more one week later, repeat....And oddly enough, all those came after negative or neutral comments. Very suspicious!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Amazing! I almost bought from that seller, but after a few people had had problems, I was glad I didn't.