Tuesday, May 01, 2007

About that sock nirvana...

Frogged. The yarn was just not solid enough to show the pattern the way it should be shown. So I started the Bayerische again in some maroon solid yarn. This time I was careful to knit the row before the hellish increase row extra, extra loose, and it was much easier.

But I did finish my Pomatomi! Pictures whenever it quits fucking raining. After finishing them, I really wanted to get back to some wooly wool. Don't get me wrong, I do love the merino/tencel, but it's just not very give-y. I need a break from it. That was another reason the Bayerische got frogged.

At least I have blog nirvana. I really do like the new look. I am forever in Ms. A's debt.


PinkPorcupine said...

That sucks/rocks about the socks (in that order.)
At least you have the pretty pretty yarn still available to you!

Lauren said...

Too bad about the Bayerische :( I'm excited to see your Pomatomi, even though they probably look just like mine ;)! That's funny, I quite enjoyed the tencel blend but yeah it is a lot different than plain old wool.

Twinsanity said...

I tagged you for a 7 random things...thing (see my May 19th post)

I'm sorry! LOL