Sunday, April 24, 2005

Insert witty title here

Here's my first post in my new blog! Weeeeeeeee! I've never blogged before, and I'm not terribly interesting, either. But I do want to have a place to show off my projects. I make jewelry, and it's really fun. I like that I can complete a projet rather quickly and have something cool to wear. I like immediate gratification. OMG You're kidding me. No smilies in this thing? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! I need smilies! *sniff* I suppose I'll get over it. Eventually. *sniff*

Now, a few weeks ago I was inexplicably overtaken by this intense desire to knit. I blame the Sybermoms Yarn Whores. Damn them. Damn them straight to hell. The Old Beadies got to me first, then the Yarn Whores. Sigh. I really do love them. :) Anyway, so I went to Wally World and got two (2) needles, and a couple skeins of cheap yarn. Yeah, someone should have told me that you don't want to learn to knit with really, really dark blue fuzzy yarn. So back to Wally World I went, where I got a couple balls of Peaches and Cream in pink/white/purple and blue/white/purple. Muuuuuuuuch bettah.

So there I am with my yarn and my needles sitting in front of the computer staring at videos, occasionally cussing the extremely perky woman explaining how I should be doing this. Eventually I got good enough to sit elsewhere, but sometimes I still had to run back to the computer to cuss perky bitch a couple more times. I'm now completely weaned off cussing her, but I still check in on her from time to time to figure out how to do something.

And so the addiction begins. And now I've aptually set up a blog about my crafts. How sad is that? Ha! I didn't even know knitting blogs existed a few short months ago, and if you would have told me about them, I would have said, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeesh! How boring!" But I love, love, love reading knitting blogs now. Like I needed another timesuck. Ha!

So anyway, this blog is about knitting, jewelry-making, and probably a few bits about life in general in between.

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