Monday, April 25, 2005

Yarn snobs better not read this...

So I had to buy some yarn today for this gorgeous heirloom baby blanket I want to do. No, no pictures of it yet because I don't want to embarrass myself if I can't do it. Heeeee! As if what I'm about to write isn't embarrassing enough. So I'm doing it in Caron Simply Soft (almost hurts to say it) in an off-white. I'm sorry yarn snobs! I just can't buy 50 bazillion ounces of alpaca blend right now. :( You just wait. I'll show you yarn snobs. This blanket is going to knock your socks off.

Oh yes. And knitting is not doing good things for my marriage. *snicker* Today I had to sneak in 4 skeins of yarn, a pair of circular needles, some tapestry needles, plus the six pairs of straight needles I won on eBay that arrived today. Didn't work. He found them in my office and asked where they came from, then copped some attitude as if my addiction is not worth of spending money on. Pfffffffffft! He can bite me. :)

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