Saturday, December 02, 2006

Navajo plying

I tried my hand at navajo plying tonight. At first, I wasn't pinching it off at all. I was just letting it wildly twist and wind on. Mmm, bad idea, okay? Don't do that. Once I figured it out, it was alternately pleasant and stressful. I think a tensioned lazy kate would help, but I'm using the super fancy Ghetto Rigged Knitting Needle Stuck Through a Box method. Also, the bobbin I was using seems to have a small bit on the end missing, and it was clacking and driving me crazy. That could have added to the stress. I'll have to find some way to fix that.

It didn't turn out too bad, I suppose. The main thing is the color changes were preserved. I had 2-plied some spindle spun yarn with this same top, and, well, it looked like crap. So I'm much happier with this. I'm not happy with the thickness. I wanted it thinner. Such is the learning process. This is before setting the twist.

With a dime for scale and whatnot. I dunno. It seems to be what you do. LOL


merlinthecat said...

Wow your yarn looks great!!! what wonderful colors!! LOVE IT

Lauren said...

It is really oretty and it looks good!

Beth said...

Wow, it looks really really nice! Oh...and ROFL @ "With a dime for scale and whatnot. I dunno. It seems to be what you do" Too funny!