Monday, May 23, 2005

Part of the point of having a blog...

... is updating it. Yes, I actually do realize this. LOL

I'm working on a felted bag with the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. It's coming out pretty cool. It's my first knitting-in-the-round project, which I LOVE. How cool is it that I can sit there and knit stitch after stitch after stitch after stitch. No turning. No brainpower. No nothing. And then LOOK! Pretty stockinette stitch! I love that. Last night I watched a movie (Weird Australian movie called Visitors. Very strange) and knitted the whole time. I didn't even pay attention to what my hands were doing most of the time. Man, that's a great way to get a lot done. When I would look down, I'd go, "Wow! Look at that!" Maybe I'm just too easily excitable. My camera battery is (guess) CHARGING. Ugh. So I'll take some pics of my works in progress when it's done.

Oh, yes, did I mention then cute little tank top I was making for Harmony? Yes, well, it met an untimely end. See, I found this one knitted tank top of hers (Benetton -- I don't have much bling, so when I find something, I have to flaunt it), and I thought I'd just measure that one, figure out the stitches per inch, and then it would be pretty easy to make a replica. Yeah, you'd think, huh? Here's a little tip for all you knitters out there. If you're going to do that, do not measure the tank top when the two-year-old is wearing it. If you do that, your replica will be WAY small. So I frogged it. I'll do it again when I'm not so into my bag.

R.I.P. little tank top. :(

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