Friday, May 27, 2005

Yyyyyyyyeah, about that bag

Frogged. Wugh.

Well, see, I was thinking about frogging it anyway, because it's just mammoth. I mean really. I was sitting there looking at it yesterday after I took pictures of it, and I realized that it covered the entire chair cushion. Okay? That's too big. So while I was thinking about frogging it, my darling sweet brat -- er, son got ahold of it and took the needle out. An act of God, wouldn't you say? Question answered. Bag frogged. Here it is today.

Image hosted by

I'm going to have a go at it again with about 20 less stitches cast on. Hopefully that'll be enough to make it not so Godzilla-ish. Plus I realized as I was frogging it and looking at the pattern again that I decreased instead of increasing at the very top of it. Duh. So all in all, a good move, but I was sad to see all those stitches ripping out. That was a butt-ton of stitches.

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